meet Mary

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Ivory House Photography


Onawa, Iowa



University of Iowa
University of WI, La Crosse



Reading Chick Lit or People magazine with a cup of coffee as the sun rises



Brené Brown, Oprah, Elena Brower, Rod Stryker, Bernie Clark, Christina Sell, Darren Rhodes, my husband Pete



Yoga Nidra Meditation



May I be filled with compassion, patience and love

Mary's journey

How did yoga and wellness become my passion? As a high school athlete, I tore my ACL playing basketball. I struggled to play competitive sports because of my injury and stayed involved by becoming a student athletic trainer. This started my professional path toward learning more about the body. I have also struggled with stress and anxiety. After attending my first yoga class many years ago, it gave me an opportunity to tap into a practice personalized for me. It changed my life!


I’ve been teaching in the Greater Des Moines area since 2000. After many years of teaching yoga and working in corporate wellness, I decided to focus on my yoga business. I have expanded my offerings to include personal training, health coaching, yoga for kids, and personal enrichment workshops. My passion for learning has inspired me to teach people of all abilities and ages in a variety of settings.


My degrees, certifications and 20+ years of experience in fitness, yoga, and wellness allow me to focus on adapting to the needs of each group and individual.


Whether addressing individuals’ well-being goals or leading a yoga practice, workshop or retreat, Mary’s contagious smile and laughter fill the room as she shares her heart and invites you into the journey to be your best self.

Susan R, yoga student