The Welcome Mat

As students of yoga and fitness enthusiasts, we participate in a continually unfolding journey. Just as all of us explore this path together in community, each of us travels via an individual practice. As a teacher, Mary guides us along the journey, leading each class and offering a sequence integral to the practice, from centering breath to restful savasana. The ever-present intention of each class: rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit. We pause, breathe, find stillness, discover new vistas, and reach the expansive place of our true nature.

• Welcome one and all. We practice with an attitude of unity and ahimsa (nonviolence), rather than a spirit of competition and judgment. 

• Wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement.  Typically, we practice yoga barefoot to avoid slipping.  

• Please arrive before class begins and experience it entirely, from start to finish. Classes begin and end promptly. Allow yourself plenty of time to arrange your mat and props. Let Mary know if you have any injury or health concerns.  

​• Have props handy to assist alignment and allow supportive modifications if needed.

For yoga: yoga mat, 8-to 10-foot yoga strap, two 4-inch yoga blocks, Mexican yoga blanket (cotton or wool), and standard-size yoga bolster. Mary recommends these online stores: Manduka and Hugger Mugger

For strength and balance: a pair of hand weights, resistance band with handles (light to medium weight), mat, and supportive athletic shoes.

• Take each class and every movement at your own pace. The class may at times challenge you. Notice and respect how your body feels throughout class. Rest any time. Enjoy sips of water. Adopt modifications (options for poses) suggested by Mary.


• Keep showing up for your practice. Invite others—no matter where they live—to join us and enjoy the first class as a gift!


• Keep in mind: Membership plans auto-renew every month for the Warrior I, II, and III plans. You may cancel at any time. All sales are final. Refunds are not provided. Classes do not roll over to the next month and must be used during the membership plan period.

• Complete the Intake Form below. 

Submit this before you attend your first class. 


• Review the FAQ, Privacy Policy, Release & Waiver of Liability and Terms & Conditions on this website for additional information. 

• Connect with Mary. Depend on Mary to answer questions, reply to email, address concerns, and provide you with an intriguing offering of classes, special events, podcasts, blog posts, and more.