Some things to know before coming to class:


• Wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement.


• We practice yoga without shoes and socks on to avoid slipping. You can leave your shoes in the front entryway or in the prop room.

• I will provide mats and other props that may be used during class. You may also bring your own.

• Please do not bring your cell phone into the practice area. If you need to check your phone, please put it on "airplane mode" or turned off to ensure a distraction-free space for all. 

• Any other items or personal belongings should be left in the entry space or prop room. Please do not keep them next to your mat in the studio. This ensures an uncluttered practice space and plenty of room for all students.

• Do not feel intimidated. Classes are non-competitive and taught in a comfortable atmosphere that allows each student to focus on his or her own practice.


• Take each class and each movement at your own pace. Notice and respect how your body feels throughout class.


If you are new to the class or have any injury or health condition, please complete the intake form below, followed by the liability waiver. You may also arrive 5-10 minutes early to inform the instructor and complete hardcopy forms.


• Please avoid entering or leaving the studio during meditation or savasana. As a courtesy to fellow yogis we ask that you show up for class on time and commit to a full practice from start to finish. Savasana is an integral part of your practice, intended to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. If you need to leave early, please leave
the space prior to relaxation. 


• Please take the time after class to neatly replace all props. Leaving the props as you found them it is a kind gesture for the next class.


• It is not necessary to sign up for class in advance. Please remember to always check in for attendance purposes. 

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